Virtually almost all students suffer from the fear of examination due to the stress they subject themselves to. This has been said to be the major cause of failure among students. However, this article has highlighted 5 important ways to deal with test anxiety.

Time management

Prior to the test date, the way you’ve spent and planned your college life will tell when exam comes. This will either bring confidence during exam period or fear.  Making most of your day in college will give you the required boost during exam period. Engrossing yourself in lots of activities without balancing it with your academics will lead to test anxiety. Learn and plan how to manage your time.

College councelor

Students can also suffer from test anxiety not because of their inability to prepare as they ought, but by default they are always affected with exam fever. If you fall under this category, the best option is to go seek the advise of your college counselor. Remember they are well vast with experience,  owing to the fact that they have dealt with lots of students with the same problem in time past. Never be scared of approaching them.

Don’t pile up books – study early

Organize the materials you want to read. Set a timetable for yourself. Read the materials immediately after each lecture. Studying all materials before test will boost your confidence level.

Study groups might be/might not be beneficial

Studying at your own pace is at times better than involving yourself in study groups. Most times, those involved in group studying tend to oppress those that have not read in the group making them scared and anxious and thereby negating its usefulness. If you’ve not studied well,  it’s better to stay out of study groups in order to have a relaxed state of concentration.

Know what to expect

Have a prior knowledge of the format in which the question will be set. This will determine the method you would apply to reading your books. For example,  the test format can be in form of a ‘Multiple choice question’or ‘True and False’ ,or ‘theory’ or ‘fill in the blank’.