Can mistakes really be avoided? To an extent it can be reduced if the person involved is aware of the cause. For instance, different students end up making the same mistake because they do not know beforehand. Therefore, I have listed 5 mistakes students make that can serve as a guide from which you can learn from.

Involvement in too many activities

At the start of college, various clubs and organizations will hold series of enticing events and programs that will attract students to join them. Being involved in one activity or the other isn’t a bad move but joining too many organizations may affect your academic productivity because of the demands and responsibilities attached to them.

Not getting to know your professor

Your professor is an amazing resource that many students don’t take advantage of. The professor in any given field is likely to have contacts and networks in that field. Moreover, by building a relationship with your professor, they are more likely to give you a glowing, detailed recommendation when you apply for a job or scholarship.

Staying off campus

If you have the means to stay on campus, endeavor to do that. Those that stay off campus do have that feeling of not being included or being part of the campus which as a result has led to their withdrawal from school. Also, studies show that students who live off campus are less likely to get involved in on-campus organizations, leadership workshops and experiences, use on-campus resources such as tutoring labs, and apply for (and get) internships.

Lounging around

Do not indulge in any habit that can increase your level of laziness. For example, procrastination is often experienced by virtually almost all college students except the few hardworking ones. Anytime you’re free, endeavor to do one thing or the other instead of loafing around on the couch.

Bad money management

In college, many students get their first credit card. If you also fall in this category, you need to be wise with your spending. The use of credit card can tempt you to purchase items you didn’t plan for. As a freshman student, you can also attend workshops on how to manage money.