“Back to school” is arguably the most dreaded phrase for students of any age – and with good reason. The end of the holiday means trading in fun days at the mall to hours of lectures and typing out lecture notes instead of texting friends about beach plans. Here are some tips to snap your brain out of it real quick.

1. Get Back on Your Normal Schedule
During the holidays there is usually a whole lot of socializing, eating, and relaxing and the idea of a “schedule” pretty much goes out the door. The first step you will want to take after the holidays is to get back on your regular schedule. This means heading to bed at your normal time, waking up at your normal time, eating at meal time, and scaling back on the partying during the week. Even if you haven’t started back at school yet, it’s still wise to get back on your regular schedule.

2. Review Your Studies
A few days before you are set to return to your schooling it’s a good idea to do a study review. This can mean re-reading some chapters in textbooks, looking over recent quizzes and notes, and assignments. This will jog your memory and get you back into that school frame of mind. If you have friends in your program you could even set-up a study session and help each other to get back up to speed.

3. Find a study buddy:

Remember that making friends isn’t just important for your social life. It can help your grades, too. “Get a study partner or group that meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to talk through material,” . Head to your school’s tutoring center for guidance on meeting up with other students or ask your lecturer to set up a group of students who are interested in meeting outside of class.

4.  Stick it on:
Forgetful student, meet your new best friend: the Post-it note. Jot down reminders for anything from and laundry (on your closet or dresser) to your so important info is right at your fingertips. Leave them on your desk, dorm room door, alarm clock, notebook, computer… wherever.

5. Get book smart:“Make sure you have access to all of the necessary materials for class. Books, stationeries, class schedules etc. Even if you cannot afford to buy them, get to the library, borrow, beg [and] do what is needed.”

Whatever year you’re going into, take a deep breath, get organized, and have an amazing school year!