1. Furry shoes

Early morning classes always get the best of us but that’s no excuse for showing up in those extremely ridiculous, fuzzy slippers from .They should be restricted to your dorm room. Your wild slipper shoes may earn you extra attention but it could also keep you forever labeled as “Crazy Slipper Girl”

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses were made to protect one’s eyes from the sun, not florescent lighting. It is truly a mystery why some students feel the need to continue wearing sunglasses during class. Are you trying to hide your bloodshot eyes? Put some Visine in and remove the glasses.

It is not worth people thinking that you have eye problems or that you are extremely strange.

  1. Visible bra straps

Bras were created to give women support under their clothes. Flailing straps turn your crop top from cute to trashy. The color of a woman’s bra should be a mystery. If you want to wear a racer back tank top, put your push-up away and throw on a strapless.

  1. Leggings as pants

Some consider these to be yoga/workout pants, but their alter ego is known as “butt pants.” Girls love to wear them and guys love to check girls out when they wear them. Yes, they are oh so comfortable, but what kind of message are you sending? Do not wear leggings unless it is paired with a shirt that covers your entire booty.

  1. Thongs plus low-rise jeans

It’s early, your professor is boring, and you cannot help but lean forward and bury your head in your arms. The students sitting behind you cannot help but notice your black lace thong peeking out. The only thing worse than a visible thong, is a visible butt crack. Most victims have no idea what they are sharing with the world until it is too late.