Traveling to another country either on adventure or a study program is a very good experience everyone should thirst for. It could help to broaden one’s knowledge of a particular place. Traveling around the world could be fun as well. You meet and interact with new people which might change your perspective about life. However, embarking on a journey with no prior knowledge of the place can make one’s stay unproductive.

So as to avoid this, I have listed out FIVE major things you need to consider in order to make your stay there successful.  

Culture and Custom

Learning about the values and norms of your destination will save you the stress of acting weird in the new environment. It’s necessary to carry out a research about the culture of the host country because some things you considered normal in your country might be offensive at your destination.


Never think of packing a lot of sleeveless shirt with you to the Northern part of US else you will end up wearing all at once?. But on a serious note, ensure you make your findings about the climatic condition of your destination. This could save you the stress of buying or taking along with you irrelevant things.


Very important matter to know before you go. For instance, if you are the type that doesn’t eat much of spicy food; but unknowingly you entered just any of the restaurants in India and you ordered food, my friend, after the meal your life will never remain the same ? Just make sure you know all this before you go. Having prior knowledge of this will allow you make your research about locations in India where you can find restaurants with no spicy food.  


Know the language of your destination, even if you can’t speak it. Preparation of this won’t catch you unawares. Also try as much as possible to memorize a few phrases. For example, “Good Morning”, “How are you”, “Thank you” and so on.


Seek the advice of your doctor before embarking on any trip. Also, you can as well surf the net (most preferably Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website) about common diseases so as to get vaccination before leaving.