College expenses most times can be controlled in order not to run into debt.  The things students spend money on most times are things one can do without. This extravagant spending can run one into debt. Check out these five common things college students waste money on.

Ordering meal

After paying for a particular meal plan, some people still waste money on eating in restaurants. Even though the quality can’t be compared, the meal served can also serve the same purpose the ordered meal would.

Housing – off campus

The feeling of staying alone in a room is incomparable but the expenses that comes with it can be scary. Dorms are cheaper.


Explore your school calendar to know upcoming events such as free concerts, art exhibition, movie show and so on instead of spending on things you can get for free. Going to the cinema can be expensive.


Why waste your money on buying books that are most times available for free to download online? In fact, some lecturers don’t usually require textbooks. It is better to hold on and see if the textbook is really going to be required.


Going for ‘label clothes’ can swallow the chunk of your budget. Go shop at thrift stores. There are others doing the same.