Getting confused about what goes into your college essay and what doesn’t is a legitimate student challenge and a very valid one. Your college essay is the bridge between you and the college administration, your publicity agent, your interpreter and it is part of the integral processes that stand between your acceptance and rejection. Writing an essay worthy of a “WOW” isn’t rocket science at all. I’ll reveal to you the secrets to charming the pants off your potential professors with the most intelligent essay.

01)  Be Yourself

Let’s keep it real. There is so much falseness in the world right now, you don’t have to join the club.  Being you is interesting enough grab anyone’s attention. Truthfully, the professors marking your essays probably have double PhD’s and there is no need to insult their intelligence by creating a non-existent diva.

02)  Language

Yes sure, you are not trying to get accepted to Journalism School, and if you are this is clearly not an issue with you. But the language of your essay speaks volumes for you. When I say language I mean the grammar pointedly, the tenses, punctuation, style and the script, figures of speech and diction should be spot on. Professors aren’t ones to appreciate shabby language or slang people.

03)  Extra Curricular Activities

Now would be a good time to use the endless afternoons, weekends and holidays you spent running around in sports gear, or volunteering with Charity. There is plenty of applause for a tough set of extra activities mentioned in your essay.

04)  Good Grades

Good grades are a necessity, if you even want your essay to get in through the hallowed doors. Ensure that you have a grade point average of more than 75% to keep your head well above water and not suffering the disappointment of having your essay slashed in one rejection red line due to bad grades.

05)  Leadership Qualities

Did you happen to be a head of a society, a head cheerleader, a prefect or a sports captain, any kind of head at all? Bring your post to justice on paper and write about your role, your performance, changes you created in that position and your impact on your high school. Let the College be enlightened of the reasons why they should have you on board.

Champions never say Impossible; they always strive to stay on top of their game. Follow these five tips alongside practice and some supervision and your essay is sure to be given the green light.