There are many reasons why parents second guess their decisions to send their children abroad for their education or in some situations it’s not even an option in the household. I truly understand the hesitation to send their children abroad especially where life is concerned. One huge factor that usually tops the list is the safety factor.

The world is becoming more and more complicated each passing day, the news is becoming bloodier and the people’s minds aren’t exactly at rest. The homicides, the violence, the drug abuse, human trafficking, sexual harassment, the list is endless in the world crime scene. I can see why a mother’s heart beat against her son journeying across the oceans to lands unknown. This article today is to make an attempt to put your mind at rest, and let you know that there are some peaceful countries in the world.

This list is generated by accordance of the Global Peace Index(GPI). The Global Peace Index is a relative positional measurement of countries and states peacefulness conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) each year. The GIP is calculated based on 22  plus factors amongst which absence of organized crime, violence, terrorism, military expenditure etc.


The country has a 100% literacy rate which probably is the main benefactor to the first ranking country in the List for the sixth consecutive year. The murder rate is almost negligible. It doesn’t get any more peaceful than that


Ranking second in the list, the country is renowned for its hospitable nature, the generous, friendly, smiling, neighborly people. It is not only a great place to spend four years of your life studying but even to start a family and base there.

03)New Zealand.

Home of luscious, enthralling beauty in its nature. The mountains, the plains, the greenery and the springs, it’s a pure paradise on earth and a wonderful honeymoon destination.

04) Austria

Austria is a gorgeous settlement no question in place about that. It is incomparably beautiful, next level clean, artistic, luxurious, in fact everything you ever wanted. The best part is the low crime rate especially among the teenagers.

05) Switzerland

Among one of the most popular nations of the world for their travel allure, their banking and their infamous chocolate, they also hold pride in being extremely literate and healthy for their educational and health services are top notch.

These countries take our top diva spots. The following five countries on the list are, Japan, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Belgium. Travel safe and study well.