Do you know that having a strong computer skill in college can get you a part job while studying, save you time and also reduce stress? This article highlights important computer skills needed in high school.

Word Processing Skills
word processing operations include editing and saving files, knowing the use of a dashboard, recognizing user interface features, spell check, and how to print documents.

E-mail Skills
Some lecturers give access to students to send them mails on matters bothering them on their coursework. Most times, lecturers send assignments to students through e-mails. What you need to know about e-mail include; how messages are being sent, how to receive an e-mail, how to attach a file to an e-mail etc.

Spreadsheet / Data Analysis
These skills can earn you some cool cash while studying abroad. Most students don’t really know how to use spreadsheet which in turn makes data analysis very hard. Administration and social science students in general are always required to be skilled in use of spreadsheet. Science students also uses spreadsheet to organize their data during project works.

Presentation skills
At times, lecturers give students assignments that might requires classroom presentation. Having a prior knowledge on how to use some computer packages for your presentation can save you time and money. Examples of some computer packages used for presentation include; Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel presentations etc.

Online research skills
College students are known for carrying out researches. Materials can be gathered online through the use of search engines and so on because there are lots of journals and academic publications that can assist students when carrying out their assignments. How vast you are in gathering your materials online will determine your performance in project works, term papers and so on.