Courses leading to majors are probably all you plan to sign up for this year for obvious reasons. Those classes will certainly help you in understanding the substance that consists of your career. But a successful career is not about intellect alone, it also depends on a strong personality, communication skills, team spirit and other skills. This is why it is a good idea to take up a few more substantial courses to prepare you for the long haul. We compiled a few to give you a head-start this year, they are ;

01) Writing Class

Composition and reading are never off the list of mandatory courses for freshmen. Whichever career path that you choose (or have chosen), a good set of writing skills will come in handy to impress employers or employees or customers and clients alike. Sitting in a managerial position and presenting documents overflowing with grammatical errors will only humiliate you .Why not brush up your pen skills as early as you can?

02) Language Class

Taking up a foreign language class is always a great idea. It not only adds weight to your CV and impresses your potential bosses but it is also for self personality development as well. There are a lot of personal skills that are comes with the attribute of another language like self confidence, self respect, determination, consistency, motivation, all admirable talents.

03) Psych Class

Psychology is another smart choice. It is to understand and comprehend the human behavior, the reasoning behind situations. This course will lead to development of your human relations skills and make your own reaction to situations noteworthy.

04)  Public Speaking Class

65% of the students in high school battle with the public speaking phobia and shyness. Whichever path that you decide to tread on in your career, speaking to people, speaking in front of an audience, presentations, speaking to masses is something almost inevitable. This course will help you take on the challenge, peel away your fears and boost your speaking ability.

05) Pre-Placement Class

Some universities will offer this course only to upperclassmen but you know this saying, “the earlier, the better”. Pre-placement is a training class for you to prepare for your interviews and aptitude tests. These classes will help you understand the logistics behind impression in interviews, clearance in one go, getting your dream job, bargaining for higher salaries. I personally think it’s the best class ever, don’t you?

Classes do not have to be all work.  Spice it up with worthwhile exra-curriculars, sign up for a few interesting and life changing classes and look forward to your schedule everyday of the week. You’ll say I told you so!