Most times in college, students are bound to get involved in arguments either in their dorms or lecture rooms apart from the formal debate competition. Arguments can arise from different angles. Also Participating in debate competitions is a means of honing your language, communication  and critical thinking skills. It also helps you conquer the fear of public speaking. Learn how to win arguments by following this simple step.

Know your facts

Before engaging in an argument, ensure you understand the basis of the argument so as not to talk out of point.

Make reference

Backing up your point with theories of present or past philosophers can make the argument end in your favour. Showing them proves online will draw people to your side.

Listen to the perspective of others

Before jumping to conclusion, be patient to pay attention to the point of others. You can always get one or more points to hold onto. Also, learn to reason from the person’s point of view and try to deduce what might be influencing his idea.

Have control over your emotions

If one is not careful, argument can lead to physical harassment. Don’t think your calmness will be interpreted as being weak by the other party involved or by the judges.

Respect your opponent

Arguments should aim at educating those involved or the onlookers. Never use absurd languages on your opponent. Do not degrade your opponent as well.