College is not all about academics alone. Some activities on campus can be described as another form of education outside the walls of the classroom. Getting involved in some activities can boost one’s CV. Here are some of the college activities.

Campus Politics

This activity can help in building your self-confidence and leadership qualities. You can decide to join any of the campus government either at the central level or at the departmental level. Becoming a leader on campus will harness you to live a life worthy of emulation because people tend to look up to you.  

Debate Team

A team like this will improve your academic capabilities as well as building you to become a good public speaker. It all starts somewhere.


These include soccer, athletics, basketball, volleyball, etc. Joining the school team can be to your advantage as many students in time past have benefitted from sport scholarships. Although it can be time consuming but it all depends on how well you can manage and plan your time.


Most times, students embark on various trips ranging from academic trips to fun trips. Never miss out of these trips. This can be a platform to have a better view of what you’ve been taught in class if it is a field trip. Fun trips are organized by various department. Involving yourself in such an activity will enhance your form of interaction with people. Also, it is an opportunity to explore the world you’ve found yourself in.


Depending on your college, it may occur once in a semester or in a session. Participating in the college festivals by probably being part of the organizing committee can help you discover your passion and strengths as well as tapping into the school resources.