It’s the weekend.. but you’re indoors unsure of what to do for fun that doesn’t especially  involve booze and the typical college party scene.

Partake in Local Cuisinefood1

There’s no better way to get to know an area than through its food, as the stomach is often the way to people’s hearts. Checking out local restaurants can be fun, especially with a gang of friends to come along. I’m sure you all will be glad to get a respite from cafeteria food.

Find Local Movies and Theaters
theatreGoing to the movies can be a great way to escape the challenges of your classes—as well as just campus in general. While many schools offer dollar movie nights, head out to a nice theater every once in a while to really get the full movie-going experience. And don’t forget your student ID, as some theaters offer college discounts.

Host a Game Night
scrabbleWhat better way to get to know people and make friends than through board games. When you don’t feel like going out but still want to socialize, this is a highly competitive—but entertaining—option. Just invite them over!

Go Bowling
For those looking for competition outside of the residence halls, consider bowling. It offers some leisure workout(lugging that ball around) and socializing. It’s even more fun if you can find a bowling alley with karaoke.

Head to the Coffeehouse
coffee shop
It’s college, so chances are there’s a coffeehouse somewhere on or around campus, probably with open mic nights and other events. Cafés are a nice place to hang out, relax, and enjoy conversation over a cup of joe.

That’s it! Have loads of fun with any of these activities, remember all work and no play..