Studying? Fun?

Just hold up! We know those are the two most opposite activities to students, as studying can sometimes be frustrating. But sometimes you need something different or a new element to get your juices flowing. Need that fresh energy? Try one of these different study tips…

  1. Record Yourself

Preparing for exams? Instead of just writing, reading, re-writing and re-reading your notes, how about turning them into an audio recording (musical or otherwise)? The process of talking through everything will help get things clear in your mind, and you can then put the recording on your phone/MP3 player/tablet, and play it back to yourself while jogging/driving/cooking/dozing.

Bonus: Keep a notepad handy so you can jot down any additional ideas that pop up when you’re listening back.

  1. Take Dancing Breaks

Yeah yeah, it doesn’t have to be dancing, though that would definitely inject a little more life and shake up your routine. Just make sure you’re taking breaks and getting out of your chair. Walk around a bit, stretch, or go outside for some fresh air to clear your mind. This will help you feel refreshed and refocused when you sit back down to pick up from where you left off.

  1. Draw Pictures To Illustrate Key Points

Are you trying to remember a hypothesis or definition or maybe memorize the capital city of Argentina? Sketch out pictures that remind you of these things. Whatever subject you happen to be studying, you can probably find a way to illustrate it, which can even make it easier to remember.

  1. Make a PowerPoint Presentation

It has been established that visuals make learning faster and easier, so why not take your studying to the computer and illustrate it through a Powerpoint deck? Pick the key points for a particular subject and map them out on Powerpoint, using images when possible. This would be an easier way to digest chunks of info in bits.

How do you make study time more fun? Tell us in the comment section!