Admission offer. Check. Visa. Check. Flight ticket. Check. What next? Do these 3 things before you hop on the plane to your study destination:

Learn about your study destination

You might have chosen your study destination for a number of reasons (friends, parents etc), but it is very important you take time out to really get some facts about the country you’ll be spending 2 – 4 years of your life in. Read about the culture, economy, people and every other thing. Wondering where to start? Google.

Learn about your University

If you’ll be studying on a large campus, chances are that most of the opportunities available on campus might be hidden in some links on the University website. So, peruse all you can. Read about the University, it’s history, students, alumni and every information you can find online about the school. It will boost your confidence in choosing the school or show you red flags you need to aware of before flying down to the campus.

Establish a relationship with your prospective lecturers

Hmm, this sounds out of this world, right? Yeah, because most students don’t. Most Universities have a directory that contains the contact details of all the teaching staff in the school. Navigate to your department and shoot a nice mail to your lecturers-to-be. Introduce yourself, praise them about the interesting things you see on their profile page (on the website or LinkedIn), and tell them about how you can’t wait to start learning from them. Take it a step further by asking them to recommend books or activities they think you should start doing before the school resumes. One, this will make them feel cool. Two, it will send a signal that you are serious student (emm, even if you’re not). Three, it will make you stand out when school finally resumes and who knows, you might even get some favours/opportunities that other students won’t get.

There you go, ensure you take action on these three things.