Since its launch in October 2014, 1Plify has been running at a fast pace; delivering world class service and maximizing efforts to ensure that we seamlessly connect students to reputable tertiary institutions across the globe. Now, it’s time to do that on a larger scale.

For our next exciting journey, we need a larger team of brilliant minds to be the backbone of our growth. As such, we’re hiring the brightest and best interns for the following roles 🙂

  • Sales Ninja (2)
  • Content King (1)

Sales Ninja 

We’re not interested in boring you with a long job description, so we will keep this simple. As our Sales Ninja or Sales representative as most would call it, your only job is to spread the gospel of 1Plify, promote our partner institutions and source for serious students with real intentions to study at any of our partner institutions. To excel at this role, you will need to be creative, enterprising and have a solid social network that you can tap into. Not to worry, you will receive maximum support all through. While there might be perks attached to this role, we have even greater commission in store 🙂

Content King

As our Content king or Content Manager in the conventional sense of things, you will be responsible for all things content at 1Plify. From uploading our new courses to drafting email templates and ensuring that our content is error free. We’ll love those with great writing skills.

It may interest you to know that…

We are a remote team. Yes, that means we have no physical office. Our current team consists of highly talented individuals living in different cities across the world; especially cities where our partner institutions are located. Hence, this is not your typical traditional company. Work anywhere you want, in the best way that lets you get the desired results. Simple!

Lastly, you must enjoy working with young people with broad minds. For all our roles, we love those who are technology enthusiasts and are comfortable using all kinds of tech tools (Google Drive, HipChat/Slack, Trello, iDoneThis to mention a few) to get work done.

How to Apply

If this feels like your kind of startup, drop us a line with your resume attached at We look forward to welcoming you on board.