These days, universities opt to perform interview for their prospective students as part of the criteria for admission. Some universities even go to the extent of conducting such interviews via skype for international students. This interview gives the college opportunity to get to know the student well. However, your interview can be a stepping stone to receiving the admission letter if you know what to expect.
Here are 10 most common interview questions;
#1 Brief introduction about yourself
You’re expected to share your likes and hobbies, your past achievements and so on. Never make the mistake of telling them your name or bio data because they already have those information (via the application form).
#2 Why have you chosen to study in our college?
Carry out your background findings (through the web) about the school. This will help you to know more about the school. You can them come up with points such as; the cultural value of the school, their landmarks and facilities etc.
#3 Why do you want to study ‘the course’?
They are more interested in your academic goals, how you intend to achieve those set goals by studying the course. You can also talk about what motivated your interest in the course.
#4 What are your short-term and long-term career goals?
Point out your career goals, how it tends to affect lives, your community and even the world. They are more interested in your future plans.
#5 What are your academic strengths?
They want to know how you’ve used your strength to your advantage in time past and how you intend to continue. Let them know how you discovered your strength. Don’t make the answer too short.
#6 What are your academic weaknesses?
Try and be honest here. Telling them you don’t have any weakness is a lie and you might be penalized for it. Just let them know the strategies you came up with to improve on your weakness(es).
#7 What do you plan to contribute to the school if admitted?
Be realistic as much as possible. You can discuss your research topic with them and how the research study will benefit the school. Are there community service you want to do? Let them know.
#8 Who has influenced you the most?
The person you mention here will give the panel a view of what your interests are. It can also determine the kind of person you are planning to become in the future. Let them know what you cherish in the person’s life.
#9 Mention a challenge you overcame in secondary school
Think of any obstacle that got you sweating while in school and how you solved it. The interviewer wants to see your attitude towards challenges. They know college is full of challenges.
#10 What would you change about your secondary school if given the chance?
This will let them know what you’re looking out for in a school and also know if at all you can identify problems. Colleges are interested in people whose review will raise the school’s standard.