There are a few essentials that every student can’t live without during their time in college. They make things a lot easier and honestly,you probably wouldn’t be able to survive without them. Here are the things that college students can’t live without;

 10) Laptop

It is the life blood of any college students existence, everything is done through your laptop. It’s where those assignments that you have been putting off are, where you watch House of Cards instead of studying and where you browse Facebook instead of paying attention in a lecture. A laptop is truly essential for a college student and no degree is complete without it.

9) Mobile Phone/Charger

It’s your laptop’s partner in crime and it wakes you up in the morning and keeps you awake at night. It keeps you amused during lectures and when you have nothing better to be doing. It’s always at hand to rescue you from your apparent boredom. You will never miss a chance to charge your phone and the real reason you really go to the library is to charge it up.

8) Coffee

What else could possibly keep you awake at 4 am when you have an assignment due. Caffeine is every college student’s drug of choice and your addiction gets progressively worse the longer you stay there. By the end of college you feel like you can’t function without coffee.

7) Facebook

More time has been spent in college on Facebook than actually doing your assignments. Anytime you’re stuck on something you can’t help but pop over to Facebook and see what’s going on. Only to find that you spent half an hour watching videos and you have forgotten what you were working on.

6) Student Card

You need it for the library and countless other situations that you have to prove you’re a student. Of course, those student discounts are always there to fall back on when you are strapped for cash.

5) USB

Every little assignment you have done over the years is on the trusty little stick. You got it free when you came to college and it’s the only free  shit you actually used . You literally have all your work on it, so you were devastated when you lost it and forgot to back it up.

4) Spark Notes

They’re every English student’s best friend, who needs to read the book when you have got spark notes which summarizes everything. You still haven’t fully read a book all the way through because of spark notes.

3) Lecture Slides

If you missed a few lectures you’re always delighted when you can just get the lecture notes for the class online. When exam time comes around you print out all the lecture slides in an attempt to try and absorb everything.

2) Wi-fi

You actually feel like you can’t get anything done when there is no internet. You start to panic a little bit when your laptop can’t connect to the wifi. You have no safety net anymore and for once you actually have to think about what you’re writing and not just reproduce everything you find on the internet.


1) Netflix

What else would you be doing in the library, watching numerous different TV series of course. Then when you get home, you go to your room and watch even more Netflix. It has gotten to the point where you stay up late to finish off a season of a new show you’re into.