To become a doctor is not an easy task. From the very first day, medical school is filled with lots of rigorous work. Most times, some students opt to seek for transfer to another department due to their inability to cope with the pace of school. We don’t want your story to end that way.  These 10 tips will help.

#1  Cramming is a no go area

Understanding is what matters. It is the best tool to use in medical school. For example there are some instances where you would be asked what you were taught in year two during your final exam in medical school.  This then necessitates the need for you to understand each of your coursework.

#2 Read ahead of classes

Putting this into practice is one of the ways to understand each of your courses in medical school. It’s a great opportunity for you to note down the areas where you need clarity. Medicine is all about studying

#3 Avoid distraction

In medical school, you need to give your 100% attention. Allowing distraction to set in can cause you an extra year in medical school.

#4 Must be smart

According to Roy H. Williams, “A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.” Knowing when and how to read will help you.

#5 Avoid study group

In order to avoid someone slowing you down, it’s  better to learn at your own pace. Just ensure you get adequate information  from your friends anytime you miss class.

#6 Get Past questions

This can go a long way. It will help give you a view of how questions are being asked. You can also add point 4 here by going to see your senior colleagues on how those questions can be answered.

#7 Learn to encourage yourself

To be frank, there are some days you’ll perform poorly in tests. Do not be down rather keep going because it is not over until it is over. Challenges will come your way but the ability to stand firm in the face of challenges will make you come out strong.

#8 Stay healthy

It’s only when you’re healthy that you’ll have the ability to endure the rigorous test of medical school. Stay fit and always set time for relaxation. Do not overwork yourself.

#9 Eat balanced diet.

Reading burn lots of energy in the body system. One way to recover this energy is by taking a balanced meal.

#10 Never carry out part time Job

In fact, most medical schools do not allow their students to involve themselves in part time jobs while studying. This is because medicine calls for 100% concentration.